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Development Consulting

& Land Management

Why Sell Direct?

Would you like to sell a property but do not know where to start? Does your property have defects or unusual features, including title defects? Do you own an older depreciated "ugly" rental home? Is a property wrapped up in the unsettled estate? Regardless of the nature of your parcel, selling directly confers many benefits including:


-Typically a much faster closing

-We purchase some properties with title defects including undivided ownership issues

-We can help sort out complicated estate and chain of title issues

-We purchase some properties with street access problems

-We work with legal counsel to prepare quality closing documents at no expense to you


We work hard to cover the entire property sales process by covering inspection, title search, notary, and legal document preparation and filing costs. It often takes just a couple phone calls to sell your property for cash. Contact Us at 940-783-2414 to learn more today!

Buy, Sell, or Trade Real Estate

Contact Us today to buy, sell, or swap improved and vacant properties. We sell select parcels throughout North Texas. We are currently purchasing properties in Grayson County. Check back soon as we are continually improving our website.

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